Danske Fragtmænd wishes to take the green road

As a transport business, we are aware that our business has a major impact on the environment. Our vehicles are the primary reason for this and this is why our focus is on the use of climate-friendly electric trucks and the infrastructure of environmentally friendly fuel. Unfortunately, the technology is not yet sufficiently advanced; however, we follow progress closely as we are aware of our responsibility in the green transition.

Fortunately, while we wait for technological advances, there are other areas within our business where we can reduce our carbon footprint. In this respect, we made a real forward stride in 2019, when we completed and implemented a number of climate protective measures. These measures continue in 2020 when we will implement further measures, all with the purpose of contributing to meeting our long-term ambition of providing our customers with a CO2-neutral transport solution.

You can find an overview of all these measures as well as a brief description of each in the 2020 environmental policy of Danske Fragtmænd.

Download our environmental policy here