Increased costs for the transport industry

28. june 2021

At the moment, the transport industry is very busy. The volume of goods has increased significantly in the last few months, naturally exerting pressure on the capacity of the market.

At Danske Fragtm├Žnd, we experience significant challenges in locating enough drivers and rolling stock to carry out the assignments of our many customers. One consequence of the long-awaited rules on cabotage is that there are no longer as many foreign trucks working in Denmark which exerts additional pressure on the capacity of the market. Nor can it be a surprise to anyone that the prices of raw materials are increasing which, combined with the pressure on capacity, increases our costs.

Finally, the green transition is higher on the agenda than ever and there are many eyes on the transport industry which indisputably accounts for a significant share of total CO2 emissions in Denmark. For this reason, we predict that, in the years to come, more stringent environmental requirements will be introduced and, thus, increased costs for the transport industry as a whole.

Despite the financial challenges faced by us and the rest of the transport industry, we do not wish to adjust our prices prematurely. However, our customers should expect that, at the turn of the year, we will introduce an additional charge of around 5 percent as well as introduce a general price adjustment.