Survey: 91 % are familiar with the logo of Danske Fragtmænd

25. march 2020

In a recently completed survey of the familiarity with the logo of Danske Fragtmænd, 91 % of the 720 participants responded that they know the logo. The vast majority of the participants even recognised it without colours and were able to state the right colours of the logo.

In collaboration with FactFactory, Danske Fragtmænd has carried out a survey to ascertain the familiarity of the Danes with the logo of Danske Fragtmænd which is made up of the red/white wheels on the blue background colour of the logo. FactFactory sent the questionnaire to 10,000 randomly selected panellists representative by gender, age and geography, of which 720 responded.

First, FactFactory examined the familiarity with the logo when in black and white. Here, 81 % responded that they had seen it before, with 66 % associating the logo with Danske Fragtmænd and the remainder associating it with the transport industry. Next, participants had to indicate the background colour of the logo, where 50 % chose the characteristic blue colour, whereas 11 % chose dark blue, 12 % chose red and 19 % chose white.

They were then asked to indicate the colour of the inner part of the logo, where 50 % percent answered red, and when they were subsequently to indicate a third colour, 49 % responded white. When the participants were finally asked if they were familiar with the colours of the logo of Danske Fragtmænd, all of 91 % answered yes.

FactFactory also asked what the participants thought of when seeing the logo of Danske Fragtmænd. Here, words like "transport", "speed", "freight", "trucks" and "something with wheels" were most frequently repeated. To the question of what the logo represented, the vast majority responded "wheels" as well as Dannebrog and the Danish national colours.

Finally, participants were asked to note the words and values ​​they associated with Danske Fragtmænd. The words most frequently repeated were "Danish", "shipping on time", "quality", "speed", "delivery", "reliability", "safe transport", "solid craftsmanship", "stability" and "transport of goods ”.