Vision, mission and values

For many Danish companies, the delivery man is a familiar face in the workday. Danske Fragtmænd’s ambition is to maintain this local principle – we want to continue to be the carrier with the familiar face.


Danish businesses’ preferred transport and logistics partner.


A logistics company that provides transport services.

Our culture and services are based on these values

We’re polite.
We take care of the customer’s goods.
We take responsibility for tackling challenges.
We pull together.

Do you want to be a part of the carrier with the familiar face?

Careers in Danske Fragtmænd

The road to the future

Danske Fragtmaend’s challenge for the future is to continue our development as one of Denmark’s leading transport and logistics companies while maintaining our strong local roots.
We want to solidify our position as the market leader in service, flexibility, price and quality through intensive product development based on the needs of Danish businesses. In the coming years, one of Danske Fragtmænd’s most important challenges will be to realise our goal to be the full-service provider of complete and complex logistics solutions for the Danish business sector.