We solve your problems with a safe crane service solution

Do you have special or unmanageable goods or perhaps a long-term project that requires a special crane transport? Then we have the equipment and the experience to solve it. With more than 80 trucks with cranes on the road daily, we offer day-to-day delivery throughout the country and high-quality crane service.

In order to guarantee you the safest crane transport, our drivers are all highly qualified and have many years of experience with difficult and unmanageable goods that require unloading by crane.

Thanks to our crane-equipped trucks we can provide both standard and tailor-made solutions, and we are happy to talk about how we can best solve your lifting needs most efficiently and cost-consciously. We are happy to come by and inspect the place of loading and/or unloading.

Crane distribution is much more than just loading and unloading. It's a matter of trust between us and our customers. We have gathered everything you need to know about our crane service and distribution right here.

Basic or special delivery?

There are no limits when it comes to carrying your goods. We transport all types of goods; everything from steel, building materials, cable drums, and bigbags with, for example, soil or granite chippings, to ventilation systems, and farm fixtures. Unfortunately, however, we cannot offer transport of dangerous goods by crane.

As a basic service, we offer lifting of goods with a maximum weight of 2000 kg from the platform to the ground. Services that go beyond a basic agreement are solved case by case. For example, it could be a commodity going over a hedge or onto the second floor of a building.

See terms and conditions for our crane service

Overnight delivery nationwide

No matter where you are in the country, you are always guaranteed a fast delivery. At Danske Fragtmænd we have overnight delivery, and 95 percent of our shipments are delivered the following working day – right to the door.

Read more about our delivery service here.

Flexible delivery when space is limited

In addition to crane delivery, we also offer freight with a transportable forklift. We have fitted a forklift on the back of our trucks, and they are particularly suitable for recipients where access conditions do not allow for a big truck or when the recipient is not the owner of a forklift.

You can read more about the portable forklift product here.

What our customers say

Over 40,000 business customers have chosen us as their transport and logistics partner. It makes us really proud that so many companies put their trust in us. We have gathered a small selection of opinions from our customers, who have put into words what they think about collaborating with us. You can read them here.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more about our solutions, simply click on the blue box and fill out the form. Afterwards, one of our Key Account Managers will contact you as soon as possible for a talk about your logistic needs. NB. We do not deliver for IVS companies.

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