Flexible freight with portable forklift

It can be quite difficult delivering goods by truck at places with limited space. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. At Danske Fragtmænd we offer transport solutions with a portable forklift, so that we can deliver your goods directly to the end user – flexibly, efficiently, and safely.

A forklift is mounted on the back of the truck trailer and makes it possible to deliver goods to addresses where access conditions make it difficult for the truck to enter. For example, it could be in a backyard, on a construction site, or at a private property. The solution is particularly relevant if the recipient doesn't own a forklift.

Rules for freight with a portable forklift

Our carrier trucks can deliver goods with a weight of up to 2,000 kg – provided that the truck can lift the goods with its pallet forks. It is important to note however that we unfortunately cannot carry dangerous goods with our forklift concept.

Deliveries with a forklift are primarily made with 13.6-meter curtain trailers, and the goods are therefore protected from the weather during transport to the place of delivery unlike deliveries by crane.

Benefits of the portable forklift

  • Precise and flexible delivery even in places with limited space.
  • Great security in being able to drop the product off exactly where the customer wants it.
  • The truck can park away from the place of delivery, after which the goods can be moved by the forklift the last part of the distance.
  • With the forklift we are able to load the goods by ourselves and are therefore not dependent on whether the sender or recipient has the appropriate equipment.

Do you have special or unmanageable goods?

If you have a long-term project or need to send special or unmanageable goods, it requires transport solutions of a special kind. At Danske Fragtmænd we offer a safe crane service of high quality. With more than 80 trucks with cranes on the road, you'll get overnight delivery across the country, ensuring your goods are delivered safely and quickly.

Read more about our crane service here.

Would you like to know more?

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