Our extra services

Delivery on time (DOT)
With our DOT concept, you can choose between different kinds of DOT. This will make your business more flexible and enhance your customer service.
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Carrying in
As a general rule our driver will carry in parcels and other light goods under 20 kg. All other consignments are handed over from the lorry’s loading ramp as close to your door as possible.
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Have we tried to deliver a consignment to you at a time when you weren’t in? Then you have the option to order a redelivery on a day that suits you better.
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All transport is carried out in accordance with Danske Fragtmænd’s general terms and conditions of transport and the CMR Convention ( Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road) signed 19 May 1956.

These terms and conditions may result in limited liability for damages on our part, for instance if the value of your goods exceeds the compensation value. In such cases we recommend that you take out an insurance policy with us.

You can choose between two types of insurance: insurance of all consignments or per consignment note.
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Do you have any questions or do you need more information? You’re always welcome to contact your local customer service centre, which is ready to answer your questions.

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