Your bridge between Sweden and Denmark for safe goods transport

As masters of goods transport, Danske Fragtmænd is your guarantee of safe and precise transport between Sweden and Denmark. We specialise in ensuring that large consignments and regular shipments cross the Øresund efficiently and accurately.

Efficient deliveries across the Øresund

With more than 100 years of experience in the transport industry, you can trust Danske Fragtmænd with your goods. Our extensive route network ensures that our customers’ goods reach every corner of Denmark the next business day. If you have daily or weekly collections in Sweden, that’s no problem for us. Our dedicated carriers ensure that your goods always arrive on time.

Created for your needs in Sweden

With us, no transport job is too unique. Whatever your specific requirements, our team is ready to create a customised solution that precisely matches your company’s transport needs.

We are ready to help

Do you have any questions, or should we schedule a regular pick-up? Our Swedish team is always ready to guide and assist. Get in touch on T +46 4018 5778 or send an e-mail to

“We are delighted with the collaboration with Danske Fragtmænd. They handle everything from parcels, pallets and long loads to dangerous goods. They deliver the next business day and know our business and products well. Usually, it’s also the same driver who collects the goods from our warehouse in Malmö. Therefore, he is used to working with our warehouse staff and knows our loading conditions, which is of great importance.”

Sanna Lönqvist, Transport Manager for Sweden and Denmark

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