Dangerous goods don’t scare us

Danske Fragtmænd handles and distributes large quantities of dangerous goods (ADR) every day. We maintain a constant focus on personal and environmental safety throughout the transport, and fully comply with the rules, guidelines and the ADR convention’s regulations in this area. You can therefore be confident that your goods will be properly packed and secured and will reach the recipients safely.

Our employees are kept up to date with the latest knowledge and have completed the necessary training. So even though it is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that the cargo is correctly marked with hazard labels and that all relevant documents are included, our customer service centres are always ready to assist with advice and guidance. Moreover, we have safety advisors all over the country who ensure that new customers with dangerous goods are well equipped to handle the task. Therefore, we can promise you that dispatching dangerous goods is in no way a daunting task when you use Danske Fragtmænd.

The rules on transport of dangerous goods can be found in the Danish executive order on road transport of dangerous goods.

The 2021 Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and written instructions can be found here.

You are always welcome to contact your local customer service centre for advice and guidance.

Yes, I’d like some advice and guidance

We have prepared a brochure for businesses that handle their own shipments of dangerous goods. You can find it here.

Brochure about dangerous goods

Are you unsure about how to prepare a transport document?

We’ve created a template to make it easier for you to prepare a transport document correctly.

Download transport document