Ordering shipments

Here you will find answers to questions about how to order shipments.

Can I make an online booking on your website?×

Sorry, we do not yet offer online bookings on our website. However, you can book a pick-up by filling out and submitting a form to us.

I want to book a pick-up of a shipment. Who should I contact?×

If you would like to book a pick-up and do not have a customer agreement with Danske Fragtmænd, please fill out the order form that you can find here. If you would like to be registered as a client with Danske Fragtmænd, please contact one of our customer service centers.

As a private individual, is it possible to book a shipment from Danske Fragtmænd?×

No, unfortunately it isn’t. Danske Fragtmænd only provides business solutions.

How late can I order transportation of a consignment and be confident that it can be picked up the same day?×

Normally, all shipments are notified before 1pm and picked up the same day. If you book regular shipments, we can in many cases agree on a set pickup time later in the day.

Is it possible to order delivery at a certain time?×

Yes, it is possible to book a delivery at a certain time as a contractual customer with Danske Fragtmænd. If you’re not yet a contractual customer with Danske Fragtmænd but would like a quote, please contact us here.

Is it possible to have my shipment carried in?×

Yes, you can. Just write it on the consignment note. However, we follow the legislation in force at any given time. If we cannot comply with the legislation the driver will have to leave the shipment at the door/curb. See our guidelines here.

Where do I order a carrying in?×

If you want us to ship your consignment to a designated place of the recipient, then you must mention this on the consignment note/in the booking.

If you use WebFragt or Consignor/Nshift, simply tick off the field named Carrying in.

If you book via systems other than WebFragt or Consignor, and you are not able to select the code, please mention this in the delivery note. The driver will deliver the consignment at the recipient’s place, and you will subsequently be charged for the service.

The consignment can only be shipped to a place within the applicable working regions. See our guidelines here.

Do you also transport dangerous goods?×

Danske Fragtmænd also transports dangerous goods, but you must provide us with the necessary documents. Read more about transport of dangerous goods here.

I need to ship freight that has to be loaded with a crane. Can you transport it?×

Danske Fragtmænd has crane lorries, so we’ll most likely be able to transport your goods. Please contact our Customer Service at kundeservice@fragt.dk. You can also find information about our crane solutions under solutions.

I have goods that need to be sent to Sweden and Norway. Can you transport them?×

Yes, we also ship freight to Sweden and Norway. Please contact us at kundeservice@fragt.dk for more information.

Will my shipment be insured with Danske Fragtmænd during transport?×

Yes, if your goods are correctly packed they will be covered in accordance with the Danish Act on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, which covers 8.33 SDR, corresponding to around DKK 70 per kilo, as the SDR rate is variable. You can find the current rate on Denmark’s National Bank’s website. If you would like additional cover, you can take out supplementary insurance.