Denmark’s largest carrier of part loads

At Danske Fragtmænd, flexibility is a keyword, and that is why we offer late pick-up and next-day delivery of your part loads regardless of where in the country your recipient is located.

Part loads are shipments of more than 20 kg, which we best handle manually in our system. You can send goods such as bicycles, engine blocks and steel pipes individually, in small portions or larger batches. It is also possible to send it as express, long goods and dangerous goods.

With our finely meshed distribution network, including 26 strategically located freight terminals across the country, we are the market-leading carriers of part loads in Denmark, and your guarantee of fast and flexible goods transportation.

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Deliver on-time

Make your company more flexible and increase your service level to customers with our DOT concept. It allows you to choose between different types of time delivery of part loads.

You can read more about our DOT delivery here.

Shipping prices for part loads.

Goods transportation prices depend on different things. Contact us to make an appointment and find out the shipping prices for your part loads.

Would you like to know more?

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