Delivering freight with care

At Danske Fragtmænd, we handle and transport freight with care in every link of our business. This includes taking responsibility for our employees, the environment and the society we are a part of.

We continuously strive to maintain a healthy, safe and inclusive workplace. Among many other things, we provide health insurance, flexible hours and sheltered jobs, and focus on reducing accidents at work.

We also prioritise traffic safety and are always working to minimise the risk of traffic accidents by providing continuing training for our drivers, participating in a new nationwide road safety campaign that will start in the spring 2023, and through our road safety policy.

As one of Denmark’s largest carriers, we take responsibility for our impact on the environment every day. We focus on reducing our CO2 emissions. We prioritise environmentally friendly vehicles and technologies. But the most effective way we reduce our CO2 emissions is by consolidating all the products we transport in our strategically placed terminals throughout the country. We use all the space in our lorries. This minimises trips with empty lorries as well as the number of vehicles on the roads.

For Danske Fragtmænd, transporting freight with care is an ongoing effort. You can see our ESG work and our annual rapport here.