Here you will find answers to questions regarding complaints and claims.

Have we lost your shipment?×

We are very sorry if we have lost your shipment. However, we do everything we can to prevent shipments disappearing, and we often find the goods again quickly. However, by law we have up to 60 days to find the goods. Only then can any compensation procedure begin. If you have additional questions, please contact your local Customer Service Centre.

My goods have been damaged. How do I lodge a complaint?×

We are very sorry if your products have been damaged during transport with Danske Fragtmænd. If you wish to file a complaint, you can use our web complaints form here. If you need a password, please contact your local Customer Service Centre.

I’ve noticed one of your drivers behaving inappropriately in traffic. Who should I contact?×

We are very sorry if you have had an unfortunate experience with one of our drivers. We prioritise traffic safety and are always working to minimise the risk of traffic accidents through continuing training of our drivers, participation in the school campaign ‘Road Safety at Eye Level’ and our road safety policy. We would very much like to hear more about your experience so we can resolve it internally. You can contact us here.

One of your lorries has damaged my vehicle or property. Who should I contact?×

It is very regrettable if one of our drivers has accidentally caused damage to your your car or property. You can contact your local Customer Service Centre.