Send packages from businesses to private recipients and other businesses

As a company, you can send packages to both private recipients and other businesses through Danske Fragtmænd. We work together with dao, and they take care of parcel shipments for home delivery at night (0 to 5 kg) and distribution to parcel shops (0 to 15 kg), while we handle the large packages.

To make it as easy for your business as possible, we have also integrated the products of dao into our booking system, so you only need to work in a single system. We therefore take care of everything from booking and picking up goods to tracking the shipment.

Read more about our collaboration here.

NOTE: We only ship for businesses and not for private individuals.

Total supplier

The collaboration with dao means that we can offer a total solution within the shipping of packages, and today we help more than 40,000 companies.

We also offer warehouse distribution and day delivery of, among other things, general cargo, claims delivery and courier delivery, so that you as a customer can gather all your transport needs in one place for the benefit of you and your recipients.

Making IT easy

At Danske Fragtmænd, we offer a wide range of IT solutions that allow you to have an overview of all your shipments, track goods via Track & Trace, book new shipments and print labels.

Read more about our IT-solutions here.

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to know more about our solutions, simply click on the blue box and fill out the form. Afterwards, one of our Key Account Managers will contact you as soon as possible for a talk about your logistic needs. NB. We do not deliver for IVS companies.

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