Let Danske Fragtmænd deliver your products at night

There aren’t many things in life that can beat a good night’s sleep, and with our night deliveries we’ve specialised in giving our customers exactly that.

We pick up your products in the late afternoon when production stops, and make sure they are with your customers by 7am the next morning, when the working day often starts. This way, both you and your customers will have the best possible conditions for planning your time and resources. This will also allow you to plan your workday and stock more efficiently. In other words, it gives you real competitive advantages.

So there are good reasons why we at Danske Fragtmænd proudly claim to be a leading supplier of good night’s sleep. We’ve made a film about it, which you can watch here.

We have specialised in servicing the automotive industry, carry out 2,500 night shipments every night and have 9,000 receivers throughout Denmark in our customer database. Among our customers are Walker Denmark and Suzuki Bilimport Danmark. Below you can see why they chose us as a business partner, and how our night-delivery solution adds value to their businesses and customers.

They provide what we need.

Danske Fragtmænd provides what we need. They can deliver both day and night, and that’s the concept we need.

Brian Andersen, Warehouse Manager, Suzuki Denmark

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