We have our own road safety policy

Danske Fragtmænd’s road safety policy from 2015 is a natural continuation of our long-standing road safety activities. The policy sets out a number of guidelines to promote better traffic behaviour and ethics among our employees. Our road safety policy applies to all employees in the Danske Fragtmænd group, including carriers and regular subcontractors who carry out deliveries for Danske Fragtmænd.

Rules for traffic behaviour

The aims of Danske Fragtmænd’s traffic safety policy

  • To create a good, safe traffic culture within the group.
  • To increase the employees’ and drivers’ traffic safety.
  • To minimise the number of injuries and accidents.
  • To improve the drivers’ working environment.
  • To become known and respected internally and externally as a company that prioritises traffic safety and constantly seeks to make improvements in this area.