IT solutions that improve your workday

Danske Fragtmænd offers a wide range of IT solutions that can make your daily workflows easier.

Access to our digital turnkey solution, WebFragt, is included in all our contracts with our customers. Among other things, it allows you to book shipments and redeliveries, print consignment notes and labels, track your shipment via Track & Trace, and get an overview of all your shipments.

It is also possible to use the EDIfragt and Consignor platforms, which support all our products and services and can be fully integrated with your company’s ERP system.

In addition, we offer Webreklamation, which allows you to easily report any damages to goods, and you can access the Online Archive system, which provides an overview of your shipment invoices, customer account and more.

If you’re already a customer, all your information will be collected under Your consigment.

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