We’ll give you a good job start

We aim to give our new employees the best possible start in the company. The induction programme for your first working days will be tailored to your position. The actual content may vary depending on your location. But no matter where in the country you’ll be working, you can be sure that we’ll do our utmost to ensure that you feel welcome and well-equipped to perform your new job.


All applications are treated confidentially. Your application will only be read by HR and the relevant manager.


We normally invite three to five candidates for interviews after the application deadline, unless the job advertisement states that applications will be processed as they are received. In that case, we invite candidates for interviews on an ongoing basis and conclude the recruitment process when the right candidate has been found.

Are we a match?

During the interview, we want to hear more about you and your profile, and how you and your skills can be used to best effect at Danske Fragtmænd. We will also describe the job in more detail.

Second interviews

We usually invite two to three applicants for a second interview. Depending on the nature and responsibilities of the job, you will be asked to take a personality test beforehand.


We will only contact your referees with your permission.

If we offer you the job

We will call you if we offer you the job. Often we’ll also finalise negotiations about your terms of employment and salary.

If you’re not offered the job

If you’re not offered the job after an interview, the manager or HR consultant will phone you. You’re always welcome to contact us for a more detailed explanation of why we haven’t offered you the job.

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