With us you make a difference

With Danske Fragtmænd, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference since, as part of a large national transport group, you’ll help keep society moving forward. It’s pretty simple: without us, the shelves in stores would be empty. Therefore we look for employees with drive rather than long and impressive CVs, and in return we offer positions involving independence, responsibility and professional challenges.

Are you a True Blue?

As an employee in Danske Fragtmænd, you’ll be part of a long and proud transport tradition that still runs through our entire corporate culture, even though today we are a diverse modern company. This is reflected on a daily basis by the strong dedication and commitment we bring to our tasks, with quality, collaboration and service as our keywords. In fact, we have an expression for the unique spirit that exists in Danske Fragtmænd. We call it ‘True Blue’. It’s an enthusiasm that takes root. We know this because we have lots of employees who’ve been with us for many years. 20th and 25th anniversaries on the job aren’t unusual, and those employees who do leave us often return.

We nurture our company spirit, and therefore we have a tradition of recruiting our managers internally. So if you have the will, career paths will be open to you. We believe that ongoing personal and professional development is the way forward.

We want Danske Fragtmænd to be more than just a workplace. We organise lots of events across our departments and throughout Denmark, including a large football tournament. We always focus on the whole person, so with us a healthy leisure and family life can easily rhyme with True Blue.

We’re one of Denmark’s gearwheels.

We’re one of Denmark’s gearwheels. If we stop moving, a small corner of Denmark will also stand still.

Morten Vinther, Lead Software Developer, Head Office in Aarhus

I’ve ridden in lorries since I was a small boy.

I’ve ridden in lorries since I was a small boy. My father, my grandfather and my uncle have all been lorry drivers for Danske Fragtmænd.

Casper Korntved, Driver, Taulov

This is one big family.

This is one big family. There are lots of functions in Danske Fragtmænd that have to be integrated so we can provide the best service for our customers.

Martin Juhl, Terminal Manager, Odense

I think a lot about whether I’m making a difference.

I think a lot about whether I’m making a difference. If I didn’t, I would feel redundant.

Martin Rasmussen, Terminal Employee, Aarhus