Redelivery of your consignment

We have tried unsuccessfully to deliver a shipment to you. You can pay for redelivery via MobilePay.

To order a redelivery, please include the number on the consignment note. If you do not know the number of the consignment note, please contact the sender. The weight of the shipment is specified on the consignment note. You need this to see the price of the redelivery.

Shipments up to 30 kg
31-100 kg
101-300 kg
301-500 kg
501-750 kg
751-1000 kg
Shipments from 1,001 kg

The prices are included VAT.

kr. 75,00
kr. 112,50
kr. 150,00
kr. 225,00
kr. 300,00
kr. 450,00
kr. 600,00

You can pay via MobilePay on the working day before delivery, before 16.00 Monday to Thursday and before 15.30 on Fridays. Enter the number 50 501 and the consignment note number in the message field. (The consignment note number consists of two letters and six digits, e.g. AB124578.)

The delivery will then be made on the next working day.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our customer service centre.