Traffic safety at eye level

Because we have 1,600 lorries on the roads every day, we see it as an absolute necessity for children to learn what they need to watch out for when they encounter us in traffic. We want to make sure they’re safe. That’s why we have been a co-sponsor of the ‘Traffic Safety at Eye Level’ campaign for many years.

The aim of the campaign is to teach children from grades three to five across Denmark about road safety, particularly when it comes to lorries and their critical zones. The teaching takes place both in the classroom and outdoors in the school playground, where children are invited into a lorry to experience the view from a driver’s cab and learn where they need to be on the road so they are visible.

In 2016 the campaign taught pupil number 100,000.

Do you want to learn about trucks and road safety?
Watch this video by the co-sponsor Volvo Trucks, where they show the lorries' critical zones to help you to avoid traffic accidents.