Danske Fragtmænd launches first electric lorry in Aarhus

3. september 2021

As the next phase in our rollout of electric lorries, today, the turn came to Aarhus. The launch took place at our Logistikparken terminal just outside Aarhus, where Jacob Bundsgaard, the Mayor of Aarhus, presented the new lorry.

The inauguration was held in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Trucks which has manufactured the five electric lorries ordered by Danske Fragtmænd to date. The electric lorry in Aarhus is the third one launched after the first two have hit the road in Odense and Copenhagen, respectively. Another two are therefore expected in the near future.

Jacob Bundsgaard arrived at the inauguration in the new electric lorry and then presented the general climate effort being made in Aarhus. The municipality has great ambitions within the area of climate, therefore initiatives like this one support their work. In addition to Jacob Bundsgaard, Mikael Voigt, Marketing Manager & Head of Trucks eMobility Launch Team from Mercedes-Benz also spoke at the launch where it was also possible for the guests to see and try out the new lorry.

– This is a big day for Danske Fragtmænd, launching a new electric lorry in Aarhus where we are headquartered. This is something we have been looking forward to for a long time. Aarhus Municipality works hard to reduce heavy traffic emissions in Aarhus and we would like to support this, says Jørn P Skov, Managing Director of Danske Fragtmænd, who is also a member of the collaboration Klimaalliancen Aarhus. The purpose of the collaboration is to bring together the largest companies and organisations in Aarhus to form a concerted action in the hope that Aarhus Municipality will be CO2-neutral in 2030.

The initiative of introducing electric lorries is part of the objective of Danske Fragtmænd to contribute to the green transition as set out in our environmental policy. Together with more environmentally friendly batteries, the consolidation of goods and the transition to digital consignment notes, amongst others, the lorries will reduce the total CO2 impact. The ultimate goal is for Danske Fragtmænd to provide our customers with a CO2-neutral transport solution. There is still some way to go but we have successfully taken the first steps. This is emphasised by our recent nomination for the award Den Grønne Transportpris, awarded by DTL and Jyske Finans A/S.