This is important to know when sending parcels using Danske Fragtmænd

21. september 2021

Each year, our customers send millions of parcels to their recipients. These parcels are very different with respect to both shape and weight, however, they all have in common the fact that we need to manually handle them several times in the transport process. This places great demands on us, as an employer, as we are responsible for ensuring that our employees do not perform too many heavy lifts in the course of a day.

Naturally, we have lifting equipment in our lorries and at terminals and our employees have been instructed in proper lifting technique. However, we also need for our customers to show consideration and refrain from sending parcels that are too heavy or unwieldy. For this reason, we have prepared this guide for those who use Danske Fragtmænd when sending parcels, which provides answers to e.g. the maximum weight of a parcel. If you have questions, feel free to contact your usual contact person at Danske Fragtmænd.