Use inventory management to make your warehouse logistics more efficient

19. january 2022

Efficient inventory management with a good overview and flow of goods is crucial for a company living on sales of goods. Inventory management is ideal for making your warehouse logistics more efficient.

What is inventory management?

Inventory management is the ideal solution for creating an easy overview of your warehouse. The system registers in the warehouse database when you purchase new goods, and removes the goods from the system when they are sold. This way, you always know which goods are in stock and which goods are about to be sold out, enabling you to reorder in a timely manner before the goods are actually sold out.

The system further makes it possible to survey which products comply with sales expectations - and which do not. This way, the system keeps you updated on and creates structure in your warehouse.

The advantages of inventory management

  • Provides an accurate overview of your stock
  • Creates structure and provides improved control
  • Reduces costs
  • Creates a good flow of goods
  • Minimises mistakes
  • Results in satisfied customers and employees

Consider the following before investing in an inventory management system

Please consider the following before making your final decision about investing in an inventory management system:

  1. Can the inventory management system be integrated in your ERP system?
    It is first of all important to determine, whether the system can be integrated in your corporate ERP system. Warehouse and accounting systems should match and it is therefore crucial that the two systems interact. If the overall solution shares database and processes, the warehouse and accounting will be updated automatically in case of changes in for example bookkeeping and inventory.

  2. Is the system user-friendly?
    How quickly you will be able use the system depends on the selected system. It is important to select a user-friendly system, which is easy to handle and operate by you and your employees upon short introduction. The system should preferably have an intuitive reception and delivery process, easy to access. This way, you and your employees get the most value from the solution.

  3. Is the hardware robust and durable?
    The hardware for your inventory management system should be robust and durable in order for you to avoid frequent repairs – or replacement after only few years. Make sure to find the exact right hardware, for instance hand scanner or smartphone.

  4. Is it a good long-term investment?
    An inventory management system should make it possible to save time and money. It should therefore make sense to invest in a more expensive system, able to adjust to changing situations within the company. It may be a good idea to compare different systems, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment and also get a system that matches your business – so you can save time and money in the long run.

Make it easy – let Danske Fragtmænd handle your warehouse hotel service and inventory management

By outsourcing your warehouse externally, you can focus on sales and development of your company. Danske Fragtmænd handles warehouse services for small and big companies – on Zealand, Funen and in Jutland – so they can save time and money. We further offer inventory management, meaning that you get a solution where everything from receipt of orders to pick and pack is completely automated, streamlined and uniform.

We use the NYCE system that provides access to logistics analyses of the flow of inventory, activity as well as of information. Our KPI reports provide an accurate overview and minimise waste. And you can always check the current inventory online via our web portal.

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