At Danske Fragtmænd, we can do a lot more than you might think

29. november 2022

Our latest customer survey made it clear that Danske Fragtmænd is not the only haulier our customers use. Because although we have an extensive range of transport solutions, we are probably best known for being general cargo hauliers.

And, in all modesty, we also believe that we have a pretty good handle on this area. Nevertheless, we do in fact have several other products that we have also become particularly good at solving over the years. But perhaps not so many that we are known for. We would therefore like to present some of the other freight solutions we have in our portfolio below.

When things need to go fast

Our normal daily distribution usually allows us to deliver from day to day, but sometimes this is not fast enough. Instead, you and your company may have need for an express service that can bring your goods to the recipient safely and quickly. Danske Fragtmænd has, since 2010, had its own courier and express company, which can solve everything from the transport of hot goods to driving with dangerous goods.

Read moere about our express concept here

Special and unmanageable goods

If you have special or unmanageable goods that require crane transport, we have the experience and equipment to solve the task. We have more than 80 crane trucks on the road every day, and can offer day-to-day delivery throughout the country in accordance with our day-to-day concept. Our drivers are all highly qualified and have the necessary experience to solve the tasks placed upon us by our customers. We carry all types of goods, including steel, building materials, cable drums, ventilation systems and barn equipment.

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Flexible freight with portable forklift

The newest addition to our family is our portable forklift concept. Most hauliers are familiar with the task of having to deliver goods to places where the lorry can’t get in. This might be in allotment gardens, courtyards or building sites. In such cases, a portable forklift can be a great help in getting the goods transported the last stretch of the way. If your company often delivers to places where space is limited, our portable forklift concept may be relevant for you.

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Shall we have a chat about your transport requirements?

If you would like to hear more about what we can offer you and your company, you are welcome to contact our customer service or your usual contact person at Danske Fragtmænd.