Board of Danske Fragtmænd appoints CFO as interim responsible

30 May 2024

Following the tragic death of CEO Jørn P. Skov in March, the board has begun the process of finding the right person to take on the role of the new CEO for Danske Fragtmænd. In the meantime, the board has decided to temporarily appoint CFO Mikael Mortensen to the management team.

Chairman of the board Bjarne Krogh Jensen states:

"We prioritize finding a candidate who can drive the company's future development and growth. It is crucial for us not to rush the process. We are taking the necessary time to ensure that we find the right person who can lead Danske Fragtm├Žnd towards a successful future. We look forward to an exciting time with new opportunities and challenges, and we are confident that with the right leadership, we can continue our positive development and strengthen our position in the market".

The board expects to have a final solution in place during the autumn.

For further information, please contact:

Bjarne Krogh Jensen
Chairman of the board
M 23334170