Danske Fragtmænd enters into a parcel delivery collaboration with dao to offer new opportunities within private delivery service

20. october 2020

Dear customer,

After several months of preparation, we are finally ready to announce that Danske Fragtmænd has entered into a parcel delivery collaboration with dao. Their 3,500 drivers travel 100,000 km every night and visit more than 1,200 parcel shops daily. This means that, in future, Danske Fragtmænd will be able to offer parcel distribution to private recipients as well according to the highest market standards and adapted to your needs.

The collaboration also means that you, as a customer, may expand your current transport agreement to include parcel delivery to private recipients and, in this way, place all your shipment needs in the hands of Danske Fragtmænd. We have long wanted to become the one-stop-shopping carrier that the customers demand. We are pleased to finally be able to offer this.

Even if you add parcel delivery to private recipients to your transport agreement, you will not notice that the task involves several carriers.

  • It remains our drivers who will pick up your shipments. You will only need to divide them into Danske Fragtmænd and dao – and we will take care of the rest.
  • You will still be able to track all shipments in Track & Trace, even if dao is in charge of delivery.
  • Just as today, you will be invoiced according to your transport agreement with Danske Fragtmænd – and we will handle the settlement with dao.
  • Your contact at Danske Fragtmænd remains the same.
  • You are still to contact Danske Fragtmænd if, for example, you have a question about a shipment or wish to file a complaint.

Here is how you do if you wish to benefit from this new opportunity
If you want to know more about the collaboration, or if you would like to expand your transport agreement, please contact your key account manager at Danske Fragtmænd or submit a contact form. We will then give you more details about the new collaboration and help you transfer your shipments to the new solution.

Best regards,
Danske Fragtmænd