Danske Fragtmænd launched its first electric truck

19. march 2021

As a part of our work to launch new electric trucks in the largest cities and towns of Denmark, today, Danske Fragtmænd has launched our first electric truck. This happened at the Odense terminal where Christoffer Lilleholt, Alderman of Odense Municipality, visited our carrier, Peder Olsen & Søn to test drive the new vehicle.

– We continuously strive to take up as little room as possible in the urban landscape, so as not to disturb our fellow townsmen when delivering goods. For this reason, we are really pleased to finally have an electric truck that does not emit CO2, fumes nor is noisy and which we can use for deliveries in and around the centre of Odense. Although one electric truck may not sound like much, this may still be of significance because this could be the starting signal for the change and green transition to which we, at Danske Fragtmænd, and the rest of the transport industry would like to contribute, says Michael Mertov Operations Director of Peder Olsen & Søn.

After Odense, the plan is that we will launch two electric trucks in Copenhagen before rolling out the initiative in the rest of the country.