Information on prices as of 1 January 2022

9. september 2021

In June, we informed about a very pressured transport industry, where a lack of capacity and drivers has created major challenges for all players in the industry. We have not seen an improvement in the situation, and therefore the challenges are not going decrease in the time ahead. At the same time, our subcontractors have raised their prices significantly, which means higher costs for our operations and business

The green transition takes up a lot of our working day. The outside world, not least many of our customers, are placing greater and greater demands on us to switch our operations to a more sustainable model, despite the fact that the technology and infrastructure of the sustainable fuels are immature and costly. We are actively working on the green transition and have, among other things, purchased four new electric lorries this year, and at the turn of the year, all our lorries in the inner city in the three largest cities will run on HVO diesel (bio diesel). We expect the transition to a more sustainable model to continue in the coming years, but the financial burden is significant, and we cannot bear it alone.

Based on the above, we will therefore introduce a capacity and environmental surcharge of 5 % from 1 January 2022, and we will adjust freight prices by 3 %, as well as also adjusting individual surcharges that will appear on our website by the end og week 37. If you have questions about the above adjustment, you are welcome to contact your usual contact person at Danske Fragtm├Žnd.

We look forward to our continued excellent collaboration.