May we present… our first climate accounts

26 April 2022

Along with the 2021 Financial Statement, a climate accounts is included for the first time as well as a number of goals for Danske Fragtmænd’s future climate efforts.

In 2019, we took the first step towards a greener company when among other things we replaced the fluorescent lighting tubes at our terminals with LED. Since then, a number of other efforts have been taken such as a new green company car policy, replacing lorries with acid batteries with ones that have lithium batteries, and not to mention the purchase of four new electric lorries. Until now, we have been unable to measure the impact these many efforts have on the green bottom line, but with the new climate accounts this is now possible.

While we cannot present the major CO2 savings in the 2021 climate accounts, work with the accounts is a major step towards a greener transport company. The climate accounts will provide us with precise information on how much CO2 we emit as well as with an opportunity to set some long- and short-term goals. Additionally, we can provide information about the green initiatives that we have undertaken over the course of the year, and not least share the experiences that we have had along the way.

It is also important to keep in mind that the outside world and our customers expect that we, as Denmark’s largest national carrier, work actively towards a green transition and have control over the climate impact that we have on the planet.

Head of Sustainability Torsten R. Hermansen shares:

“We experience that our customers have a strong focus on what approach Danske Fragtmænd has in the fight against climate change. There’s a clear expectation that as their carrier, we work purposefully towards Denmark’s road transport transition. It is becoming an increasingly important competitive parameter, or even a condition, for customers to enter cooperation agreements with us regarding the shipment of their goods.”

Pressure from customers, the political green agenda and especially our own desire to contribute to the green transition have to a significant extent created the need to be able to present a professional and believable climate accounts.

“We are very proud of the climate accounts that we have developed. The environmental savings for 2021 are not flashy, but the commitment is high, and the goals are ambitious. And we believe that the transport branch’s transition is like a hockey stick where it goes slowly in the start, but the more technology matures the faster it will go,” says Torsten R. Hermansen in conclusion.

Danske Fragtmænd's climate accounts can be found here.

Questions about our climate accounts should be directed to Head of Sustainability Torsten Hermansen, M 6018 8704 or