More than 40 years of partnership with MultiLine

26 June 2024

MultiLine has been a customer of Danske Fragtmænd for more than 40 years and is today owned by Bunzl Nordic, which is part of the Bunzl Group. The collaboration with Danske Fragtmænd has always been built on respect and understanding of the development that MultiLine has undergone and wanted for their company.

In Danske Fragtmænd’s customer database, the average seniority of our customers is high, but there are very few customers for whom the partnership is approaching a golden anniversary. MultiLine is one of Danske Fragtmænd’s oldest customer relationships, and over time, both businesses have challenged each other.

“In all modesty, you can’t help but feel a little proud when you think of all the things that MultiLine and Danske Fragtmænd have solved and developed together over the years - everything from customer-dedicated logistics solutions to an environmental calculator,” says Head of Transport, Nicholai Rolmar Johansson.

In recent years, Bunzl Nordic’s other companies have also joined the agreement, and according to Nicholai Rolmar Johansson, this has been a decision made by the management of the companies themselves.

“There is no decree from Bunzl Group that Bunzl Nordic companies must use the same carrier. However, there must be some good arguments for not doing so. At Bunzl Nordic’s four other companies, however, there has been no doubt that it makes good sense to gather all our transport with one supplier. As a Group, this gives us a better foundation and some clear synergies.”

Danske Fragtmænd handles 90 % of MultiLine’s distribution in Denmark, while another carrier handles all imports. However, despite the fact that there are players in the Danish transport market that can handle both the company’s international and national transports, MultiLine continues to work with Danske Fragtmænd.

“Danske Fragtmænd can do something that other carriers cannot. They have the local know-how of our customers, which is crucial for our collaboration. Furthermore, Danske Fragtmænd has a strong presence in Denmark, which makes it possible to fulfil our customers’ needs and expectations for delivery within a relatively short time window,” continues Nicholai Rolmar Johansson.

Although MultiLine is generally very satisfied with the collaboration with Danske Fragtmænd, there will inevitably be challenges with deliveries and a need for development in some areas. But here too, Nicholai Rolmar Johansson finds that Danske Fragtmænd is solutionorientated and open to new ways of doing things.

“We experience a professional and committed team behind Danske Fragtmænd who are not afraid to accept both praise and criticism, and at the same time, dare to invest and develop in line with the rapid development of MultiLine and Bunzl Nordic.”

When it comes to the green agenda, this is also a key point for MultiLine in terms of transport choices. While the company has great respect for the transport industry’s challenges in relation to the green transition, there is also an expectation that Danske Fragtmænd keeps up with developments in the industry.

“Green transition is a crucial part of our commitment, and we look forward to working with Danske Fragtmænd to find sustainable solutions that fit our common goal of reducing environmental impact and strengthening the green future,” Nicholai Rolmar Johansson concludes.