New signature sound to promote Danske Fragtmænd through the sense of hearing

1. april 2021

Today, Danske Fragtmænd has decided to launch a new signature sound in their trucks. This initiatives is part of a new direction in the marketing and branding of the company which, based in neurology and physiology, will work more strategically in using the seven human senses.

This is a April Fool

This initiative means that a horn will be installed in all Danske Fragtmænd trucks which the drivers will use when delivering goods. The aim is to ensure that, in future, Danes will be able to recognise Danske Fragtmænd by more than just the look of their trucks. As explained by Jørn P. Skov, Managing Director.

– There is no doubt that most Danes quickly notice our unique, blue trucks which they immediately associate with Danske Fragtmænd. In order to position ourselves even more strongly in the future, we have decided that, going forward, we will strategically market ourselves from a neurological and physiological perspective. For this reason, we have decided to work with yet another sense to enable the Danes to recognise our trucks, not merely using their sense of sight, but also using their sense of hearing, he says.

Since the turn of the year, an external agency has worked on identifying the sound that will characterise Danske Fragtmænd in future. And, although it is not a unique and newly developed sound, but a version of an old Mexican song, Jørn P. Skov is very pleased with the final result.

First of all, I think that the sound and the horn has an old-fashioned tone that goes well with Danske Fragtmænd. We are an old and proud transporting company with more than 100 years of experience and we should be proud of that. Secondly, I find that there is a beautiful hidden meaning in the original text of the song that is about a cockroach which has lost one of its six legs and struggles to move around on its five remaining legs. Without feeling particularly sympathetic for the cockroach or making any other comparisons, I still feel that it is a good image of what you need to constantly work on as a company: Adapting to be able to cope with the challenges that may arise, explains Jørn P Skov.

Road safety remains a priority
Danske Fragtmænd has long worked with road safety. Amongst others, they have been a partner to a road safety campaign aimed at young school pupils where they have taught road safety at primary schools around Denmark. This means that Danske Fragtmænd will not compromise on road safety when using the horn.

Naturally, we are very careful not to disturb our fellow residents when using the horn. At the same time, we know that, to many people, this will be a new sound that they need to get used to. For this reason, we will do our best to train our drivers in how and when to use the horn. This is also the reason why, over the past month, we have let our Copenhagen carrier Berthelsen & Co test the horn. It delivers in densely populated areas and was, thus, the obvious test subject. Fortunately, responses and feedback have been entirely positive and, therefore, we are now able to launch the new project, concludes Jørn P. Skov.

Although Danske Fragtmænd focuses on the sense of hearing with this initiative, this is not the end. The ambition is that, in time, Danske Fragtmænd will be covered by all seven senses. This means that, before long, they will establish an internal project group to continue work on marketing through the other five senses of taste, smell, body sense, balance and the sense of touch.