Phase 2 of the reopening of Denmark may cause delays in deliveries

7. may 2020

Dear customer

Yesterday, the government revealed some of the areas which it wishes to reopen next week. These include the entire retail trade, shopping centres and restaurants.

The reopening of these areas means that many companies and shops need to restock again. This will lead to significant pressure on the terminals of Danske Fragtmænd and our general capacity. In connection with the phase 2 reopening, our customers must, unfortunately, expect delays in deliveries during the subsequent 14 days.

As we anticipate that our customer service telephone lines will be under pressure, we request that you make use of the self-service facilities found on our website

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

Best regards
Danske Fragtmænd

Jørn P Skov
Managing Director