Retiring after 54 years at Danske Fragtmænd: ”Freight is in my DNA”

5. july 2021

At Danske Fragtmænd, employees celebrating their 25th, 35th and 40th anniversaries is nothing unusual. In fact, we have a name for the special spirit that exists at Danske Fragtmænd. We call it being "True Blue". It spreads quickly and it lasts.

One of those who has been with us for many years is Jonna Jørgensen, Contract Manager. Now, however, she is retiring after a long career that started in 1967 when she was a mere 17 years old and which thus ends here 54 years later. These many years down the line, Jonna is therefore also the right person to put into words the company and workplace that is Danske Fragtmænd.

There is no doubt that we are a company with a good atmosphere, a good tone and very committed staff. Several members of staff have been with us for many years which must also be an indication that the staff thrives. It is also clear that Danske Fragtmænd has undergone a huge development over the 54 years which has been fun to watch. Although we have developed into a more streamlined and modern company, I still feel that we have managed to hold on to the same carrier’s spirit with many of the same values ​​and virtues, says Jonna.

True Blue for life
Since she started as a trainee clerical assistant in 1967, she has held many different positions at Danske Fragtmænd. She has been involved in implementing a large number of IT systems such as INFO-2000, amongst others, which is still used today.

I think that I have always had exciting and challenging tasks where I have often been involved in the decision-making processes. I have always found that interesting. As may be seen from the many different positions I have held, there are very good development and career opportunities at Danske Fragtmænd. Whether you are working in an office or in operations, opportunities will present themselves if you have the desire and courage to take them on. Then, it is just a matter of accepting them when they arise, Jonna explains.

Since 2004, she has been the head of contract management which was a newly set-up department with the purpose of gathering all customer contracts in one place. Although the department is located at the Aarhus Headquarters and Jonna lives in West Funen, it is a position that she has held ever since.

− I love my job and am passionate about what I do. I have always felt that way. In addition, over the years I have had a lot of wonderful colleagues which I have greatly appreciated. Three hours of transport every day have not gotten in the way of that and, therefore, the idea of looking for another job has never occurred to me. I think shipping is part of my DNA. Although I am now retiring and will be able to spend more time with my three grandchildren, I will forever be True Blue, Jonna concludes.