Søren swapped his home office for a shared office for green startups at Danske Fragtmænd

26 March 2024

Søren Andreas Buchreitz founded the company Tree From Me ApS in 2022 out of a desire to make conversations about sustainability interesting for kids. Last year, he swapped long workdays alone in his home office for a shared office for green startups at Danske Fragtmænd's terminal in Aarhus.

Even during his high school days, Søren showed an interest in entrepreneurship. He started his first company selling exclusive office furniture while still in high school. However, selling other people's products wasn't what Søren was passionate about:

- I wanted to create my own product with a focus on contributing to a greener future. It made me think of the time when I was a kid and received a diploma from my grandmother, telling me that I had planted a tree in Bolivia. I was a little disappointed that I hadn't planted the tree myself. That was the beginning for Tree From Me ApS, Søren says.

Tree From Me ApS is now located at Danske Fragtmænds terminal in Aarhus.

With the kid's book Noah’s Garden Tree From Me ApS aims to teach kids about sustainability, photosynthesis, and biodiversity. Along with the book, kids get three small envelopes of pine seeds to plant and watch grow, and a diploma to fill out and hang in their room after planting the seeds.

- I think it's important to instill down-to-earth and sustainable values in kid's upbringing. The whole point is that it's easier to introduce sustainable actions at an early age. If they can develop an interest in it in childhood and have conversations about sustainability at the dinner table, it can hopefully help shape their behavior for the rest of their lives, Søren elaborates.

Along with the children's book Noah's Garden, you get pine seeds and a diploma.

In June 2023, Danske Fragtmænd launched a campaign on LinkedIn to find green startups for a shared office at the terminal in Aarhus. It was this post that prompted Søren to contact Danske Fragtmænd:

- One of my friends sent me the LinkedIn post. At that time, I was working from home, and it was difficult to separate work and private life. Danske Fragtmænd's shared office was an obvious opportunity for me, and it's been fantastic to be in an environment where I can network with entrepreneurs from different industries, Søren says.

In addition to Søren and Tree From Me ApS, the companies Steeltronix ApS, Kasparium ApS, and Mikkelsen Innovation ApS have also moved into the officespace. These companies now share location with Danske Fragtmænd's sustainability department, which has opened up for an ongoing dialogue and opportunities for collaboration:

- We had some empty office spaces at the terminal in Aarhus. Our goal was to create an environment where small, green startups could grow and thrive by offering them access to a shared office space designed to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences within sustainability and green transition. By collaborating with innovative companies, we hope to gain new perspectives on our work with green transition, says Maria Bohse Rosenbæk, Sales Director at Danske Fragtmænd.