Strong partnership with Danske Fragtmænd supports Harald Nyborg’s growth journey

30. september 2022

With 44 stores distributed throughout Denmark’s larger cities, Harald Nyborg’s yellow logo is wellknown. The stores, where you find everything from tools to garden furniture, have been busy the last year. As carrier, Danske Fragtmænd has been tasked with ensuring the goods are quickly and safely delivered to the stores.

Corona and the many home deliveries in Denmark over the last couple of years have undoubted­ly placed extra pressure on companies that have building materials and garden equipment in their selection. Harald Nyborg is no exception and has therefore required partners that can quickly adapt to the conditions and demand of the market. Logis­tics manager Karsten Wirnfeldt explains:

– During the pandemic, we really needed a carrier that could respond with agility. We were in a sit­uation where we alternated between closing and opening our stores. And from one moment to the next our revenue increased dramatically. The rising demand led to the need to produce on Saturdays at Harald Nyborg’s warehouses with corresponding shipment to the stores before Sunday morning. Danske Fragtmænd has been able to adapt to this within a very short time, something I believe very few carriers of this size would have been able to do. Harald Nyborg is the only customer to have Sat­urday handling at Danske Fragtmænd’s terminals. This creates competitiveness and helps bind Dan­ske Fragtmænd and Harald Nyborg even stronger together.

For many customers, Danske Fragtmænd is an im­portant sparring partner in their daily operations and development. This also applies to Harald Ny­borg, where the close and positive collaboration is of great significance to the journey the company faces in the future.

– Danske Fragtmænd knows our future plans, which we usually keep close due to competition concerns. But if they, as carriers, are to carry out the tasks we require of them in the future, they should also know where we are going. We see Danske Fragtmænd as a trustworthy and strategic partner, one that contributes to Harald Nyborg’s positive development,” shares Karsten Wirnfeldt.

While the collaboration usually runs smoothly, sometimes challenges arise that must be solved. For example, communication between Danske Fragt- mænd and Harald Nyborg regarding irregularities in operations have previously been a small issue. For logistics manager Karsten Wirnfeldt, good communication is essential for a successful partnership, and things look very different today.

Danske Fragtmænd has become much better at communicating than what we experienced a few years back. The managers are proactive and are good at advising us of irregularities. This provides us with the possibility to adapt, such as not keeping warehouse staff waiting for several hours for goods out in the stores. We appreciate that, says Karsten Wirnfeldt.

Time will tell what the future holds for Harald Nyborg and Danske Fragtmænd, but Karsten Wirnfeldt has no doubt that the future’s carriers will need to do more than deliver from point A to B if they want to play with the big players.

If you want to work with the big retailer companies, such as Harald Nyborg or Salling Group, the carrier needs to be able to set up and facilitate a fast-paced project team. Just as we have done here as we move large volumes of goods from the terminal in Odense to some of the other terminals. It’s no longer enough to just deliver from A to B, shares Karsten Wirnfeldt in conclusion.

Harald Nyborg has been a customer with Danske Fragtmænd since 2001 and in addition to transport to the company’s many stores also has a buffer warehouse at Danske Fragtmænd’s terminal in Odense.