Student Assistant Magnus Creates Value for Danske Fragtmænd

28 May 2024

Danske Fragtmænd has a long tradition of hiring student assistants who bring new knowledge and fresh perspectives to the company. Magnus Hauge is one of Danske Fragtmænd's student assistants. Since 2022, he has been working in the Strategy Department, where he contributes to the development of both Danske Fragtmænd and himself.

Magnus is currently studying business economics at Aarhus BSS, where he will complete his fourth semester of the bachelor's program this summer. His academic background provides him with a solid foundation in economic theories and business strategy. At Danske Fragtmænd, he gets the opportunity to translate his theoretical knowledge into practical experience, complementing his education.

"It's great to try out the theories I've learned at university in the real world. It's really fun when practice aligns with theory. However, I’ve also discovered that there is much that I can’t learn from books. When I encounter different issues, it gives me experiences that I will definitely use in the future," says Magnus.

In the Strategy Department, Magnus has the opportunity to explore various aspects of Danske Fragtmænd, which opens up new perspectives for his future career. He participates in different projects that give him insight into both strategic planning and daily operations. Here, he learns to navigate the company's structures and processes. Through his work, Magnus has also discovered what interests him.

"I have become aware that I find working with people extremely exciting. It is very interesting to be involved in developing people and following their progress in the workplace. In my role, I gain great insight into how people collaborate and achieve their goals. In the Strategy Department, I can contribute to my colleagues' professional and personal development," Magnus continues.

At Danske Fragtmænd, Magnus often encounters complex dilemmas that require both creative thinking and in-depth analysis. The tasks not only provide a solid foundation for personal growth but also give Magnus the opportunity to make an impact on Danske Fragtmænd's long-term success. He appreciates that Danske Fragtmænd trusts their student assistants and gives them the chance to actively contribute to the company.

"It’s really great that Danske Fragtmænd offers such good opportunities to their student assistants. We work independently with a lot of responsibility. I can see how my work impacts a company like Danske Fragtmænd. It gives a lot of meaning to my work, knowing that what I do brings value to Danske Fragtmænd. It creates an environment where I can grow and develop my own skills," concludes Magnus.