How one-stop-shopping adds flexibility to your company logistics

20 September 2023

As you already know, there are many important factors to consider when running a business. Amongst others, you need to have a good product, you need to know your customer segment, and you need a solid financial basis. And. not least, you need to be in control of the logistics and shipping. That is why it is important to choose the right carrier.

Fortunately, there are many to choose from. Over the years, we have been in close dialogue with many Danish companies, and that dialogue has given us valuable insights into the logistics needs of Danish businesses.

Our experiences show that companies tend to choose multiple carriers for different logistics tasks because each has its own area of expertise. And while we understand why companies distribute their shipments among multiple carriers, there are many more advantages to consolidating them all with one carrier. Therefore, we have listed the five major benefits of using a one-stop-shopping carrier that benefits both your company and your customers.

1. Competences and logistics knowledge gathered in one place
A one-stop-shopping carrier has employees with experience and strong competencies within the various logistics solutions. These could be anything from warehouse distribution, delivery of general cargo and packages to businesses and individuals, crane delivery, courier transport and much more. This means that it offers a broad knowledge of the entire supply chain from which you and your company can benefit through dialogue and sparring. This is assistance that could ultimately help to optimise your logistics.

2. Reducing your logistics costs
The more transport jobs your carrier handles for you, the cheaper the carrier can do it. Ultimately, this contributes to reducing your logistics costs which are savings that is noticeable on the bottom line.

3. You are visited by only one driver
Today, it is likely that you are visited by different drivers in the course of a day because you use different carriers for the individual transport jobs. If you use a one-stop-shopping carrier that handles all these jobs, you will only be visited by one driver who leaves with all your shipments. This eases your day-to-day life and work which, ultimately, helps to free up time that you can spend on your business.

4. You have only one contact person
When you use several carriers, you need to call different transport companies if e.g. you have questions about a shipment, want a dialogue about the collaboration, or if you want to make a complaint. By using a one-stop-shopping carrier, you will only deal with one contact person. It will make your day-to-day life easier while you will also develop a closer relationship with your carrier who will get to know you and your company better.

5. Navigation in as few IT systems as possible
Just like you avoid being in contact with different carriers, you also avoid having to navigate different booking and tracking systems. Instead, you book and track your shipments in one system, regardless of the transport needs involved.

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